A colourful journey into your child's imagination -
Picture-This Books is a fun new series of children's books, for children to illustrate themselves...

Written to encourage imagination, creativity and equality, whilst celebrating the beauty of diversity. ​

These beautifully original children's books are all words and no pictures - leaving a blank canvas for children to interpret the story in their own way and draw it precisely how they see it. 

No two finished books will ever be the same - just like the children illustrating them!

Picture-this books
Picture-this books
Clouds-Picture-This Books
Picture-This Books™

About the Author

Holly Wadsworth-Hill

Professional fancifier of words, 30-something mother of two humans and four fur babies. 

Author of all titles in the Picture-This Books™ series, a completely new and innovative concept in children's literature.

"I am passionate about the importance and power of reading, creativity and imagination from a young age but it is equally important that all children see themselves in the books they are encouraged to read. Representation in children's books remains woefully unrepresentative of society and this needs fixing. Fast. In Picture-This Books™ we have created a fun and welcoming space for every child to feel seen, heard and understood. At Picture-This Books™ we dare to imagine better and we encourage the next generation to do the same" - Holly

Holly Wadsworth-Hill

A celebration of creativity & original thought, of individuality & play.