About Picture-This Books

Wonder, Wander, Imagine

Picture-This Books™ is a completely new concept in children's books. 

Designed to  take children on a tour of their imagination, Picture-This Books™ are completely 'picture-less,' allowing children to illustrate the story themselves.

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Picture-This Books™ are a celebration of our children's imagination and offer a blank canvas for their creativity. 

Shamelessly wild and free (sometimes embarrassingly so), our children's imaginations are so powerful that they can think and dream without restraint - or caffeine!

Armed with little more than their imagination (perhaps accessorised with some wings or a cape), children can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone. They are boundless. It isn't always ideal when we're trying to get the weekly shop done, but it's pretty enviable all the same.

It's the kind of energy that never knowingly tires - exhausting as it is for us parents!

The Picture-This Books™ series has been created as an indulgent celebration of these fleeting and precious years, whilst they last.

Every word in a Picture-This Books™ story has been carefully considered so that children can read or hear it and apply their own unique interpretation to it.

They can create their own characters, embellish their own worlds and see their imagination staring back at them when the adventure comes to an end. 

Written with a gentle and reassuring tone, Picture-This Books™ also feature calming affirmations throughout and speak directly to the child - making them the protagonist, as well as the illustrator.

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Encouraging children to surrender to their imagination and embrace their creativity.