Picture-This Books FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How does this 1-for-2 thing work?

This is easy peasy. Every time someone orders a copy of Book 1 - The Imagination Garden, our clever stock management system, puts a second book aside. Once every 3 months, these books will be delivered to the charity of our choice. At the moment and until further notice, we are very happy to say that the charity we are supporting is Nacoa UK. As for you, once you place your order, you don't need to do anything other than bask in a warm and lovely glow all day long. Content in the knowledge that you have made a difference to another child's day.

What age group are these books aimed at?

There is no upper age limit on these books (we know many adults who are already enjoying them!) but the Picture-This Books™ concept was created with Primary School aged children in mind. That's children aged between 5 and 11 years. Younger children or less confident readers might need an adult to read with them.

How sturdy are these books, really?

Picture-This Books™ can easily withstand MOST felt tip pens but approach with a Sharpie (or any other marker type pen, for that matter) at your peril. I know that's a terribly sad sentence as I too love a Sharpie (not in the hands of my children though). Picture-This Books™ are not hardback books and there is good reason for this. Following stringent user testing - and an awful lot of tutting and head-scratching - we realised that hardback books do not lay flat enough to be drawn on. Case closed. They are, however, constructed from super sturdy and best quality paper with a trusty card-like cover. Think of a really good quality picture book - that's what these little beauties are like.

Can I order in bulk?

If you would like to make a bulk order for a school or club, please email Holly directly at holly@wadsworth-hill.com and she will get in touch and make it happen.

I would like to stock this product in my shop. How does that work?

Brilliant. If we're the right fit, that would be great. At time of launch, we have already taken orders from several independent book shops. Retailers can contact Holly at holly@wadsworth-hill.com to talk numbers and stuff.