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Frequently asked questions

Symmetry Advanced v9

Successful completion of the Advanced course qualifies resellers for priority support, proactive technical bulletins and additional program benefits.

End User System Manager

Features and capabilities of the Symmetry Access System, including configuration, basic administration, maintenance and troubleshooting.

End User System Operator

Focused on introducing end users to the latest version of Symmetry and provides them with hands-on instruction of the day-to-day tasks of operating the system

Symmetry Training Video Library

We have a library of videos that will assist the operations and configuration of Symmetry Solutions and Products. Please click the link to see a list of the videos we offer from our Learning Management Site.

Symmetry CompleteView VMS

Introduction, installation and configuration to the latest version of Symmetry CompleteView Video Management Solution.

Symmetry CompleteView Online Training

Interactive, self paced Symmetry CompleteView training courses for certification.

M4000 Introductory course

This is an on-line training course designed to provide basic information regarding the M4000's technology, architecture and concepts. This online course will provide an overview of how the M4000 connects to the Symmetry Access Control Systems and requirements needed to successfully connect and deploy these door controllers.

Symmetry Door Controllers Hardware Basics course

This on-line course is to familiarize the technician/engineer with the Symmetry Door Controllers hardware (M4000, M2150 & EN-Series) This course will review the IP Addressing, Hardware Addressing, basic wiring and ports settings. This course provides the basic requirements needed to connect the Hardware to the Symmetry Access Control System.

M4000 Programming course

This on-line course provides basic information to program the M4000 through the Web-interface in order to configure the door controller hardware, backing up and uploading the XML script files as required to deploy the M4000 door controllers and the associated readers and I/O devices. This instructor led course is 1-day and does require you be Symmetry Certified to attend and have the proper equipment before the start of class.

Symmetry Essentials v9

Successful completion of the Symmetry Essentials Certification training course allows resellers technical support and technical bulletins amongst other benefits