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Celebrating the wonder of being different but equal.
Not Black and White

Not Black and White is the latest title in the Picture-This Books™ collection.


Did you hear the one about the partially-sighted zebra and the hungry tiger? Trust us, it's not as black and white as it sounds. 


Written for imaginers aged 5 years and over.


"Unlike our stripes, friendship is not black and white - it is a beautiful sunrise, a blanket of stars, a splash in a puddle, a cup of tea in the morning. It is wanting to share your sweets - even if you've only got one left. Friendship is a feeling that makes you feel the you-est you, you have ever felt."

- Not Black and White, a Picture-This Books™ title, written by Holly Wadsworth-Hill, illustrated by the reader!


Every copy includes a free affirmation card, featuring the guiding text from the book - 


"Remember, you are the only you in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and you are absolutely brilliant."


Picture-This Books™ take children on an adventure into their own imagination and allow them to bring the stories to life - just how they imagine them. No two finished books are ever the same - just like the children illustrating them.


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Not Black and White

SKU: 25032021
  • A playful, fun and mindful journey into your child’s imagination, illustrated entirely by them – including the front cover!

    This book is a picture-less picture book to be illustrated entirely by the child. Printed on best quality 190gsm paper, with a sturdy 400gsm cover, all pages are uncoated and can be drawn on in pencil, crayon and MOST felt tip pens.

    (Please note that Sharpie© and other heavy marker pens will show through and are not recommended - trust us on this, we've tested them).

    At the back of the book you will find a space that is dedicated entirely to the child. This is a page to record the date and their age, their hopes, dreams and sparkles.

    The inside back cover features an "About the Illustrator" section - complete with space for a photograph.

Children's books, for children to illustrate themselves! Written for imaginers aged 5+