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The Light Inside 2-in-1 story & activity book

ISBN: 978-1-9162490-1-1


A children's book, for children to read, and then illustrate themselves.

The Light Inside focuses on a child who is afraid of the dark - and the magical adventure they go on to conquer their fear. A spellbinding tale, this gentle and nurturing book is the perfect bedtime story and evening activity. 

Written for imaginers aged 5 and over.


"From nothing came everything and this you must know,

both light and dark are with you, wherever you go.

You are made of stardust and dreams, sunshine and flowers,

filled with the universe and its infinite powers."

- The Light Inside, a Picture-This Books™ title, written by Holly Wadsworth-Hill, illustrated by the reader!


Every copy includes a free affirmation card, featuring the guiding text from the book - 


"I am filled with light and I choose to shine

Whatever happens, this light is mine."


Picture-This Books™ take children on an adventure into their own imagination and allow them to bring the stories to life - just how they imagine them. No two finished books are ever the same - just like the children illustrating them.


The Light Inside 2-in-1 story & activity book

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  • A playful, fun and mindfuljourney into your child’s imagination, illustrated entirely by them – including the front cover!

    This book is a picture-less picture book to be illustrated entirely by the child. Printed on best quality 190gsm paper, with a sturdy 400gsm cover, all pages are uncoated and can be drawn on in pencil, crayon and MOST felt tip pens.

    (Please note that Sharpie© and other heavy marker pens will show through and are not recommended - trust us on this, we've tested them).

    At the back of the book you will find a space that is dedicated entirely to the child. This is a page to record the date and their age, the things that make them happy and their plans for the future!

    The inside back cover features an "About the Illustrator" section - complete with space for a photograph.